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The SCRC Training Website will be down for maintenance this ThursdayFebruary 15, 2018 between 1 PM and 2 PM EST.  We apologize for any inconvenience.


Welcome to the Respite Caregiver registration page for DDSN’s Family Arranged Respite services. Anyone wanting to provide respite for a DDSN consumer’s family must meet a standard set of requirements including an on-line training course. Although the training course will not be ready until later this summer, the SCRC now is handling the process to document that Respite Caregivers have met the other set requirements including background checks, proof of completed Tb tests and First Aid training.
To register:
1. Please complete all of the fields below. This will ensure that we can communicate with you.
2. If you have already been selected by a family, be sure to enter that name and contact information. That will help get the respite started as soon as possible once you complete all of the requirements.
3. Once registered and we receive other forms from you, the SC Respite Coalition (SCRC) will complete the background checks. You also will need to mail other information to the SCRC . Follow the directions in the SCRC Respite Caregiver Information Packet. Click here if you need another copy.
4. As each requirement is met, the SCRC will enter the date in your record.
5. When all requirements are met, the SCRC will notify you by email that you have complete all but this training requirement. The SCRC also will notify the Fiscal Agent that you have completed these requirements.
6. Work with the local DSN Boards for training until this on-line course is ready. At that time, the SCRC will email you that you have been granted access to the training section and may begin the on-line training course when you are ready.

**Please note you only need to ever register one time